risk-pr_r3_c1Our services range from full marketing plan development and implementation to one off graphic design, video production or direct mail campaigns for most any industry. Sorry, we don’t handle marketing for large casino’s… but we could be talked into it for the right price.

Whether you need a push card, business card, logo, website, video, script or copy writing, staff photos, or have access to a full marketing department without creating a new department, we can handle all of your advertising needs.

Target Industries:


  • Independent Insurance Agencies
  • Independent Professionals (Lawyers, Chiropractors, CPA’s, Contractors, etc.)
  • Automotive
  • Political Candidates
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurance Support Companies

Why Risk Public Relations?

Risk Public Relations was founded with a unique set of skills combining  advertising instincts, graphic design, superior writing, budgeting and marketing plan development and implementation know how, all while having an extensive depth of knowledge in the insurance industry.  Most agencies and MGA’s do not have the need for a full time marketing department and most advertising agencies do not understand the complexities of advertising insurance. We have the rare skill set for both without the high costs of large advertising firms or having your own department.

Due to confidentiality agreements we are unable to disclose any information about most customers. Some non-compete clauses in some agreements may apply. Please contact us to inquire about your firm advertising with us.